We Create Brave Organisations

Welcome to Sitomo, where courage fuels transformation in leadership. As your dedicated partner, we empower organizations to embrace change and cultivate a culture of bravery. Specializing in leadership renewal, we facilitate development, measure psychological safety, and foster well-being to turn change into reality.

Our Story

Our name, Sitomo, stems from the Finnish word, symbolizing a place where ties are strengthened. Picture Sitomo as a space where interpersonal knots are unraveled, forming robust bonds that propel your organization toward shared goals and growth. Over a decade, we’ve been crafting bold organizations with hundreds of clients, refining management teams, empowering supervisors and fostering shared leadership.

At Sitomo, our seasoned experts blend experience from diverse sectors, offering a unique combination of change thinking, coaching proficiency, and people skills. Whether your organization is small or large, public or private, in Finland or internationally, we bring a harmonious fusion of business acumen and people insight to make a lasting impact.

Welcome to Sitomo, where we fuel productivity through teamwork. Leaders, authentic connections and open communication are the keys to effective leadership. It all starts with understanding yourself.

Brace yourself for the new era – ready to boldly embrace it with us? Let’s chart the path to success together.

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